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Monday, October 21

The last of the three 2019 Mercury retrogrades occurs from October 31 through November 20 in Scorpio between 11° to 28°.  The complete cycle actually lasts longer when adding the shadow periods; the first of which starts on October 12, followed by the aforementioned formal retrograde, and finishing up with the 2nd shadow on December 7.  Interpreting the shadow periods helps for a more subtle and nuanced interpretation of the retrograde and also helps clients and students understand the story each retrograde might weave.  Often, but not always, in the days of the first shadow leading up to the formal retrograde you may find yourself getting into circumstances and situations that become more difficult on the retrograde which would be the time when you have to fix the problem.  The second shadow is about coming to terms with how you solved the problem or situation and dealt with the challenge.  You get the report card at this time.  A simple example of this could be that on the first shadow you notice that your cellphone starts acting funny, then on the retrograde it completely breaks down, and you have to replace it, and on the second shadow you acclimate to learning any new phone functions, new payment terms and seeing how well you like the new purchase while moving on with your life having fixed the problem.  Some may be thinking that astrologers always say never to purchase phones, cars and machinery on Mercury retrograde.  Well, yes, that’s true but only if it’s a brand new purchase.  When a piece of equipment totally breaks down and can’t be fixed, then the retrograde is all about the breakdown and new purchase. 

This Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, aside from the normal travel and mechanical trickery, will be of a much more psychological nature described by the sign Scorpio.  The review in this case can be an emotional processing of a situation from the past that has been bothering you but has been swept under the carpet, or that you’ve been thinking about but haven’t been ready to examine more deeply.  The retrograde says now’s the time to uncover, probe, and investigate the past by bringing it out into the open.  Let’s get to the bottom of things and be passionate about analyzing inner motivations with the end purpose of transforming or transmuting a situation.  Secrets of all kind may be uncovered, both good and bad.  Make adult emotional bonds richer through communicating on a deeper level with more honesty and depth, especially if the hidden shame or difficult issue has been suppressed or heretofore dealt with on merely a superficial level.  It’s a good time to reenter counseling and seek some form of therapy. 

Not all retrogrades are created equally, and of course one must take into accounts any hard and soft aspects Mercury makes to natal planets as well as other transiting planets.  This particular retrograde is not making any hard aspects to other transiting planets, although the trickster does start off the formal retrograde on October 31 in a precise conjunction with Venus.  That suggests that around the station important issues with relationships may need to be dealt with in a more psychological or passionate way.  Communication challenges will become very important with close and intimate relationships, and there would have to be a review of a situation or digging through an important matter that resurfaces.  Whatever it is, things need to be taken deeper.  A lover from the past may come back into your life for as long as the retrograde lasts.  Perhaps there is some loose end to tie up.  This is a sex and money oriented sign so those are other topics to consider.  Perhaps an inheritance issue is fraught with challenges and delays.  Another major retrograde topic may involve siblings.  You might want to look back to when Mercury and Venus were conjunct back on September 12 in Virgo to get hints about what the retrograde station might be about when they conjunct again in Scorpio on October 31.  Often there are correlations but not always. 

See if you have any planets between 11°and 28° Scorpio because they will get three hits that represent three progressive shifts in consciousness regarding an important matter pertaining to what the natal planet represents.  Also be aware if there are other planets between those degree in the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo and Aquarius because those planets will be receiving a square or opposition three times by transit. 

Something, whether psychological or physical, is dying and transforming.  In the bigger picture we will undoubtedly see this crystalize in January 2020 at the time of the eclipses and the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.  This Mercury retrograde is a foreshadowing of what is being released in order to be rebuilt.