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Tuesday, October 8

Monday may have gotten off to a somber and difficult start as there were some harsh realities that needed to be immediately dealt with or at least pondered in a serious way. The Sun squaring Saturn was not a great aspect for feeling light, joyful, happy and full of vitality. It was very task oriented and about coming to terms with difficult situations. Today aspects are lighter and there may be more answers forthcoming and explanations that can clear up misunderstanding or blocked areas.

Venus enters Scorpio. The planet of love, beauty, balance, peace and harmony enters the sign of death, destruction, depth, intrigue, drama and passion. The negative side of this energy is that lovers and spouses can be full of manipulation, mystery, intrigue and become suspicious, jealous and obsessive. The positive side of this placement is that relationships can be taken to a more deeply psychological place and any difficulties can be processed through in depth analysis. It really depends on how enlightened you are or at what stage of a relationships you find yourself. This placement can deepen intimacy and trust or make it erupt and blow up like a day time soap opera. Negotiation is called for with close relationships. You also may find yourself making commitments in all or nothing ways. Use a sixth sense to feel out who you can really trust. An old relationship may be resuscitated into a new form. You also may find yourself attracted to darker forms of beauty. If you’ve been pondering changing your appearance by getting a tattoo then this might be just the right energy to lure you towards that form of attraction. You may become more forward in your sexual advances. Venus stays in Scorpio through November 1.

Venus in this sign is great for collecting financial debts and receiving money from others for services rendered. If you make a living off of clients through one-on-one types of relationships this can bring more money your way. Scorpio requires a death, transformation and rebirth of some kind, so there will be something of that nature with on of the myriad relationships in your life. You probably have a hint already of which relationship that will be.