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Wednesday, October 23

The Moon is void most of the day, from 5:15 am till 3:30 pm (EDT). The end of the day may prove to be more active as people push to meet deadlines. During the void review work carefully and fine tune last minute details before making late afternoon decisions or presentations.

The Sun enters Scorpio at 1:20 pm (EDT). The Scorpio time of year will be even more deeply psychological this year as Mercury retrogrades in this sign on October 31. His complete sojourn through the deep, dark, intense and passionate waters of the underworld lasts from October 4 through December 9. That’s a much longer, drawn out period for the trickster to remain in one sign than usual. That means the lesson of communication in the Scorpio style needs more time to learn some important lessons. It’s about communication with passion, feeling, depth and above all mutual with trust and collaboration. Dig up the old patterns that need to be examined, processed, purged and transformed. You can deepen involvement with or sever from people, places and situations. Resuscitate and regenerate or relinquish and resign.

Be investigative and mine the gold and don’t be afraid to admit where and when you’re wrong. Have therapy sessions with yourself, an analyst, a spouse or a friend. Whomever you trust to share and listen with. The end of this year is even more about purging and cleansing than usual. I’m talking about what most of the energy will feel like through the end of the year. Make way for new beginnings in January as the eclipses and Saturn/Pluto conjunction coincide.