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November 2019

Wednesday, Novmeber 27

The station of Neptune direct at 16 Pisces. In a quiet moment is the flow of inspiration. Even though it’s the day before Thanksgiving find some quiet moment to reflect and meditate on any type of spiritual matter that appeals to your soul. The flow of the ocean is inside the body, inside your mind and inside your heart. Have unconditional love for as much as you can today and …Read More

Tuesday, November 19

Mars enters Scorpio and Mercury greatly slows down anticipating its retrograde station direct on Wednesday. This week could be a major turning point especially if you’ve been processing very intense situations recently. These are a transformative few days and Mars entering the sign of its dignity will fight for what it is passionate about and won’t let up until he gets his way. This is a focused, loyal, diligent and …Read More

Thursday, November 14

It’s going to be very difficult to understand the motives of others today as both the Moon and an out of bounds Venus square a very, very slow moving Neptune. It’s hard to trust the intentions of others and Mercury retrograde doesn’t much help matters. Have an attitude of exploring the deeper, psychological and spiritual meaning of relationships. Logic has a very hard time these days. Don’t make serious commitments. …Read More

Tuesday, November 12

This full moon in Taurus is an important one since it coincides with the transit of retrograde Mercury. There is something at the heart of this lunation that needs all you logic and mental energy. Things that come to light this week have a special meaning in terms of the values you inherently find worthwhile in life and would like to keep, foster and grow, while there are other values …Read More