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Thursday, November 14

It’s going to be very difficult to understand the motives of others today as both the Moon and an out of bounds Venus square a very, very slow moving Neptune. It’s hard to trust the intentions of others and Mercury retrograde doesn’t much help matters. Have an attitude of exploring the deeper, psychological and spiritual meaning of relationships. Logic has a very hard time these days. Don’t make serious commitments. Keep digging, probing and investigating.

The energy surrounding relationships is heightened, sensitized and blown out of proportion so the best usages for this is through working and playing with others in creative, magically driven ways. This could be work projects where the imagination is called into play or romantic and recreational pursuits where the suspended animation of this energy can prolong pleasure, play and fantasy.

You can travel literally to far away places or metaphorically through sleeping and guided meditations that can transport you to dream worlds or ethereal and spiritual planes. But if you’re looking for logical explanations, the facts and truths then you’re asking for trouble. There’s a strong tendency today to blow things out of proportion and be blinded either toward unreal feelings of ecstasy or conversely disappointment and disillusion. Reality can get skewed in either direction. Just realize the scales are tipped too far in one direction and you’ll be fine if you just have a voice in your head constantly giving you a reality check.

It’s a great day for creative writing, music making, going to a museum, the movies or playing with photography.