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Tuesday, November 12

This full moon in Taurus is an important one since it coincides with the transit of retrograde Mercury. There is something at the heart of this lunation that needs all you logic and mental energy. Things that come to light this week have a special meaning in terms of the values you inherently find worthwhile in life and would like to keep, foster and grow, while there are other values that you’d like to see purged, released, transformed or thrown away. Be smart about how you rate and prioritize. Reevaluate, reassess, repossess, reengage and reacquaint. Do something good for your body by showing it some extra special love and affection.

Important work matters are surfacing and you’ll discover who you can trust and remain loyal to vs. who may be stabbing you in the back and need to be fired or tossed aside. This full moon covers signs that have to do with money and emotional and material security. This is a time when many of you will need to research new health insurance options. You have to do your research to see which new policies will offer the most for your budget and needs. Gather and collect all the information and make your final decision after November 20.

Venus goes out of bounds by declination today and since this full moon is in a Venus ruled sign you’ll find all subjects under her rule such as money, possessions, talent, value, relationships, pleasure and beauty will veer towards more extreme types of behaviors and scenarios. The love goddess will be slightly out of control all month long. She’ll be unbridled, unlimited and won’t be following the rules as politely and elegantly as is normally her wont. Expect extremes, over indulgence and over spending. She is in Sagittarius through November 26, combined with being out of bounds by declination. This compounds all the extreme behavior. Your pocket book may stretch past its limits, and your ability to compromise, balance and be harmonious may be sorely tested. You can also find clever, unusual and out of the box ways of solving these problems as well. She won’t be restricted or held back and that could add to Venusian creativity as well as excess.