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Tuesday, November 19

Mars enters Scorpio and Mercury greatly slows down anticipating its retrograde station direct on Wednesday. This week could be a major turning point especially if you’ve been processing very intense situations recently. These are a transformative few days and Mars entering the sign of its dignity will fight for what it is passionate about and won’t let up until he gets his way. This is a focused, loyal, diligent and forceful position of this warrior planet. It goes the distance in Scorpio and has great strength and power to actively get to the bottom of things.

Mercury finishing up its retrograde is giving you answers, and Mars says what are you going to do with that information? What action will you now take to solve, alleviate or heal a problem? What new information has come to light that can help make a major decision or get something important started or off the ground. Take action to make a deeper commitment based upon having become more well informed.

You’ve remembered something from the past and now its time to follow……..