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Wednesday, Novmeber 27

The station of Neptune direct at 16 Pisces. In a quiet moment is the flow of inspiration. Even though it’s the day before Thanksgiving find some quiet moment to reflect and meditate on any type of spiritual matter that appeals to your soul. The flow of the ocean is inside the body, inside your mind and inside your heart. Have unconditional love for as much as you can today and tomorrow.

Neptune will draw out and heighten any mood you’re currently experiencing. Some of you may be taking care of an ill friend, relative or pet. Their pain and suffering may be more intense the next couple of days as a feeling of imprisonment overwhelms them. It’s your job to help them get through a difficult time. Be charitable without asking for anything in return, but above all be compassionate.

If you’re in a state of depression it will be much harder to rise from out of the spiral of despair, so intellectually tell yourself that the energy will linger through the weekend and lift. Remind yourself that it is only temporary.
If you’re in the midst of a whirlwind fantasy romance that seems to good to be true, enjoy it for what it is. Revel in the heightened ecstasy and magic of experiencing a little bit of heaven on earth. That feeling too will stretch out for the weekend. The fantasy will pop and deflate but you’ll have a wonderful memory of a very intoxicating time.

Time schedules disappear, so don’t expect punctuality, discipline or much attention to everyday mundane minutiae and practicality. Whimsy is in the air so invite Walter Mitty or Elwood P. Dowd to a seat at the table.
The dream world is heightened as is confusion, delusion, deception, lying, magic, fantasy, poetry, art, music, conundrums, riddles, spirituality and connecting to any realm that doesn’t deal with materiality and the conquest of success, money and power. A very negative manifestation of this energy would be being totally deluded by the sales on Black Friday and being duped into buying all sorts of merchandise without realizing that you spent $1,000 that you really can’t afford. That would be forcing a very low base chakra experience on top of something that is trying to have you access a higher type of energy.

Alcohol and drugs of all kinds will have a more heightened effect on the body. You may be much more sensitive to smaller amounts of hallucinogenics.

Above all go with the flow this weekend and escape from the trivial, mundane and practical. There are other unseen worlds that can inform you with wonderful worlds of inspiration.