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Monday, December 2

Jupiter enters Capricorn today where he’ll remain till 12/19/20. The King of the Gods stays in each sign for a year. He’s been in Sagittarius all of 2019, a sign with which he gets along and has a green light to usually get his way. Capricorn is anything but an easy sign for this expansive energy. This is a big part of why I said yesterday that everyone needs to be organized this week, because in the sign of Capricorn, Jupiter will expand the principal of hard work and effort, and because he’s known to be a sloppy type of energy, if you’re not prepared to be organized and productive then it can really catch you off guard. This planetary combination can have the effect of “Hard Luck”. You have to make your own luck in this sign – it doesn’t just happen serendipitously or out of the blue. Hard work and effort can eventually pay off, but since Jupiter is just entering Capricorn the pay off for anything represented by this combination may not be till well after the half year mark or later.

Old people might be luckier or have an easier time dealing with their aches and pains. It can also have a negative effect of exacerbating arthritis, bone or skin issues and teeth problems. The dentist may figure prominently this year as Jupiter joins Saturn and Pluto.

Jupiter can help build new structures in your life that Saturn and Pluto have been tearing down. Jupiter provides optimism to get new things built. Though Jupiter likes to expand, the sign of Capricorn says take it slow, steady and with a certain amount of caution. I’m talking about an energy that will last throughout the year in certain areas of your life – not everywhere. Pay attention to important beginnings this week and through the Solar Eclipse on 12/26 because they will play an important role this year.

Be kinder to older people and get a glimpse into your future by doing so. People with heavy Capricorn planetary placements will get a reprieve with this energy after years of being pounded by Saturn and Pluto. The only challenge here is that Jupiter sometimes comes along and does a final purging and clearing of the table before you have a clean slate to work with, so don’t be surprised if more shit gets piled up in December before you can get the new beginning moving forward in January/February.

The shopping season will most likely slow down and not be the greatest under this energy. Sales will most likely be down and people will not be so ready to spend freely, carelessly or recklessly. Choose your purchases with caution and in terms of getting good value. Quality is more important than quantity with this planetary/sign combination. Restrictive Spending.