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Monday, December 9

The Moon is in Taurus and she makes harmonious aspects with Venus, Saturn and Pluto. There’s wonderful opportunities the first day of the work week to build and relationships and partnerships. Strengthen the collaborative effort and deepen the trust and security of those relationships. It’s an earthy day so set your goals towards mutually beneficial accomplishments with others.

Mercury enters Sagittarius and the trickster has a habit in this sign of sticking its foot in its mouth. There’s an upbeat and confident energy but don’t go too overboard with the talking or sales pitch. Know when to stop and when to expand. This placement has a tendency to talk too much and be gregarious, loquacious and ingratiating.

Mercury in this sign can be very helpful in combination with the rest of the grounded and earthy energy of the day because it will help expand in the right way the rather staid and conservative Taurus/Capricorn planets. Used wisely today can be one of the best days of the week.

We’re building toward a Gemini Full Moon late Wednesday night into early Thursday morning and today is about building and strengthening for whatever is about to culminate and come to light.