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Saturday, December 14

Chiron has just turned direct in early Aries. Whatever house the transit occurs in the natal chart is where there is healing moving forward in your life. For everyone Chiron indicates being visionary with correcting mistakes and being honest about where you can make headway and where you can’t. Face to face openness is important although it’s awfully difficult to stare that other person straight in the eye, or your reflection in the mirror for that matter. But you must!

The Moon is void of course today from 10:57 am till 10:56 pm so just go with the flow. The void occurs in Cancer so doing homey types of things would be suggested. Perhaps planning for next weeks holiday and making sure the house is getting ready for guests and all the preparations so necessary to make everyone comfortable.

You may find that most of the day is colored by oppositions from important partners. Relationships don’t have to be horribly conflicted but important partners may reflect back to you another perspective. The energy is good for seeing another’s point of view or gaining insight on an important situation vis-à-vis what someone else says or suggests to you. A voice that is more practical can balance a voice that is more emotional.