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Thursday, December 19

Over the next few days Jupiter is triggering the upcoming solar eclipse degree at 4.07 Capricorn. Jupiter is the greater benefic and is considered to bring luck, optimism and hope. His true essence and nature is to expand and broaden. He also rules the law and legal decisions.

We’ve had the impeachment of Donald Trump by the House of Representatives. Jupiter has triggered this eclipse just as the decision came down. Depending on what side you’re on, this is either good or bad news. It is a legal decision that passes judgment and deals with structures, traditions, rules and regulation as is Jupiter’s wont in Capricorn. Jupiter seeks explanations, truth, justice and expands the rule of law as we can see, but it doesn’t necessarily always grant luck, joy and happiness. In this case it depends what side you fall on and even then I wouldn’t necessarily say anything is a done deal. It’s merely a legal decision. There’s plenty more to this story that is just getting started. The seeds have merely been planted.

If you have major planets at 4 degrees of Capricorn or any of the cardinal signs, (using a 2 degree approaching or separating orb), pay attention to these few days to see if you’re feeling a sense of optimism, joy, well being or if things are just piling up in an overwhelming manner. The eclipse season is in full swing and you’re gaining knowledge and understanding of the important issues at hand in your life that will take focus for the next six months. Many things happen on a daily, weekly and monthly basis but those issues, challenges and rewards beginning in these weeks from mid-December through mid-January have a more fated feel and will play out in more heightened ways over the first half of the new year.