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Tuesday, December 17

It’s a great Tuesday to continue basking in the glow of the Jupiter/Uranus trine that culminated this past Sunday, as the Virgo Moon trines both Jupiter and Uranus early this morning forming a grand trine in the sky all day long that will be coloring the mood the entire day. Reach out to others to accomplish practical goals. There’s a green light to get answers, deal with material matters and get the answers required to solve problems.

This energy can be used to help others and provide services to groups, societies and clubs of all kinds. Accomplishing goals is easy today as long as you put in the required energy. A grand trine in earth is about good luck and applying one’s talent towards making money, organizing life tasks, and accomplishment and success in the material world. When you combine the Moon/Jupiter and Uranus it can break you out of old patterns and ruts and experiment with new, more progressive models of doing something.

Break out of a tradition that no longer serves a valuable purpose. Take a chance or a risk on something new while maintaining roots in solid, fertile and concrete soil. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater but it would be a good idea to replenish the bathwater today and infuse it with some healthier and newly discovered nutrients.