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Friday, January 10

Friday, January 10.  We’re approaching a lunar eclipse at 20° of Cancer, at the same time Uranus stations direct at 2° Taurus, on top of which is the looming Saturn/Pluto conjunction at 22° Capricorn.  All this energy peaks within a few days of each other so the eclipse, which is generally excitable all by itself, is getting an intense jolt of energy from some heavy hitters that will make this the beginning of some very fated types of events in the world as well as in your personal lives. 

Saturn/Pluto is the intensification, destruction, transformation and abuses of powers.  This energy likes to destroy before it rebuilds.  This energy likes to start wars and goes after power in ruthless ways.  This energy is evolutionary so that whatever is being transformed and destroyed in Capricorn is meant to be released because the old structure no longer serves a useful purpose.  There are new powers that need to come to the front.  New types of traditions are being built but first the old must die.  If people weren’t so fearful then the death could be more a transformation, cleansing and purging with mutual respect to honor the past and make the transition to a new reality.  But Saturn/Pluto is all or nothing, black or white and very polarizing so it rarely, if ever, happens that easily.   

The Moon in Cancer is asking us to build new family and get serious about personal welfare.  When the going gets tough get connected to family for security.  Finding new paradigms for what family means to different people is essential in this new age.  The Capricorn part of this energy egged on by the south node says to release the old and worn out and make ways for new forms of nurturing and mothering.  Our concept what the roles of Mom & Dad, Husband and Wife and family traditional role models are evolving to new definitions.  The #MeToo movement intensified under this Saturn/Pluto energy and the eclipses are making us even more aware of a cycle.  Traditional roles are and social constructs are changing.  You can really see a new generation ready to explode.  Gay marriage which only 10  years ago seemed unlikely is now more and more part of the mainstream.  But all this evolutionary change brings up terrifying fears in some, so there is this inevitable human struggle to cope with change. 

Uranus stationing direct is going to add to excitable and knee-jerk types of reactions and events this weekend.  Expect the unexpected.  Your behavior and others might be quite shocking.  Explosive reactions can seemingly come out of nowhere in lightning bolt fashion.  Let’s see what starts to happen to the financial markets as Uranus moves forward in Taurus. 

We’ve seen a rash of major death of people who were titans in their field:  Ram Dass, Jerry Herman, Noel Tyl and Buck Henry.  I’m sure there have been others that I might not be aware of.  Google these figures if you don’t know who they were. 

All the events such as the impeachment hearing, the killing of Soleimani, the retaliation, Brexit, our national schizophrenia are all things that have been building over the past years and the boil is coming to some sort of head. 

The year is getting off to a roller-coaster start and it’s setting the template for the remainder of 2020.