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Friday, January 3

Hope the New Year has gotten off to an interesting start. It certainly did for me. The Eve was an intense time and my behavior certainly went in an overboard direction and now its time to get back on track.
Mars enters Sagittarius today. Mars is a planet having to do with competition, work, ambition and action and in Sagittarius the energy says to reach out, expand, move forward with a new attitude, widen your horizon and become alive to a new philosophy about how you go after what you want particularly pertaining to work and desire. There is good opportunity today to discuss ideas and future plans with a marriage or business partner. Mars is a sexual planet and you may be more casual and fickle in your desires. The sex planet can be overly indulgent in this sign and often not reliable or trustworthy.

Even though the Aries Moon fits in nicely with New Years resolutions and new beginnings I would still proceed cautiously and keep things in a planning stage since the Aries Moon makes frustrating aspects to Saturn and Pluto. Mars says to have great expectation about the future but the Moon suggests keeping the breaks on for a little while longer and be cautious, patient and continue making plans.

Eclipse energy is running high so don’t make knee jerk decisions and be mindful of knee-jerk reactions. Even though many people of already gone back to work, Monday, January 6 will feel more like the formal beginning of 2020. And it will be a lulu in the coming months as the eclipses and the Saturn/Pluto conjunction will purge, eliminate and rebuild.