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Tuesday, February 12

There are major planetary shifts in the sky but the big news this week is the Mars/Uranus conjunction at the final degree of Aries. This culminates on Wednesday but you have been feeling it’s effects the last week and will continue to do so all week long. This is a highly combustible energy. It’s about sudden bursts of anger, energy, temper and vitality. It is an explosive type of energy …Read More

Saturday, Februay 9

The Aries Moon creates tension with Saturn and demands dealing with more serious issues. You cannot go full speed ahead today. For instance, if you do things too hastily like a gym workout where you’re careless or running too quickly and not looking where you’re going, there can be something like a pulled muscle, twisted ankle or something that forces you too slow down. In more psychological situations dealing with …Read More

Thursday, February 7

Optimism rules the day!! If you can’t tap into that energy to uplift spirits and connect to joy, then do something excessive like spend money on a purchase that makes you happy or an expensive restaurant that indulges overboard appetites. The Sun (ego) and Jupiter (expansion) are partnered for positive opportunities. Having the signs Aquarius and Sagittarius involved suggests broad reaching opportunities and doing something to help others as well …Read More

Monday, January 21

Today’s Lunar Eclipse occurs in Leo on Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday.  How synchronistic since Leo is the sign that rules Kings!  A perfect day to honor a King among Kings!  While I’m not extremely well educated on his legacy, I am aware of all his Leo qualities as a King:  his immense nobility and largesse, fighting for respect and honor of all people not just those that are deemed …Read More

Saturday, January 19

Saturday, January 19.  There’s a Leo Lunar Eclipse culminating tomorrow around Midnight Eastern Standard Time.  Lunar eclipses are always a little maniacal and everyone’s mood becomes a bit more frenzied.  This one in particular has an even higher dramatic quality because it is colored by the sign of Leo which delivers its message in a grander more exaggerated way, like an actor!  You can see it in the way the …Read More

Friday, January 18

The morning starts off with a lovely trine between Venus and Mars so the interaction between yin and yang, masculine and feminine and however you define those terms are harmoniously intertwined. Relationships at work are more or less running smoothly. The Mercury/Pluto conjunction focuses the mind deeply, profoundly and intently on work and building structures. Think of this combination as a mind that is tight like a steel trap. Get …Read More

Thursday, January 10

Watch hurt feelings surrounding not be invited to the party, to the table to negotiate or to participate in an important group setting with which you should be an active participant. You’ll be angry and must figure out a way to make your power felt without being jealous, vindictive or retaliating in a harsh manner. There is also some serendipitous good luck in certain areas of your life but don’t …Read More

Saturday, January 5

Today is the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. Solar Eclipses often usher in fated events that may occur within close proximity of the eclipse date or plants the seeds for fated events to be triggered on certain dates within the next six months before the next pair of eclipses in July. Capricorn is a sign that has to do with father time, the passage of time, the limits set on the …Read More

Thursday, January 3

We are in eclipse season so everything is blown out of proportion for better and worse so take a couple of deep breaths because this month will be quite a roller coaster with feelings, emotions and actions flipping upside down. One day will feel euphoric and the next day can turn on a dime and you’ll feel in the pit of despair. Don’t make rash decisions while at the height …Read More

Sunday, December 30

Sunday, December 30.  The end of 2018 has an intense feeling of purging, releasing and letting go.  The Mars/Chiron conjunction at the last degree of Pisces is taking the action to release the wounds of the past, the dreams of the past and coming to an awareness of how much you can deliver on the promise of your imagination.  Along with Pluto at the degree of her South Node and …Read More