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Tuesday, October 8

Monday may have gotten off to a somber and difficult start as there were some harsh realities that needed to be immediately dealt with or at least pondered in a serious way. The Sun squaring Saturn was not a great aspect for feeling light, joyful, happy and full of vitality. It was very task oriented and about coming to terms with difficult situations. Today aspects are lighter and there may …Read More

Wednesday, October 2

Saturn stationed direct in Capricorn on September 18, and now Pluto is stationing direct in Capricorn on October 3.  Pluto is about coming to terms with things that must die and/or transform into another type of energy.  Sometimes that energy can be rotting, decaying and full of obsession and jealousy as the lower nature erupts in full force and fury.  If the higher nature is allowed to shine through, and …Read More

Saturday, September 21

We’ve got a strong dose of reality mixed into the recipe of a fantasy and unreal oriented Jupiter/Neptune square. It’s the third in a series that first culminated 1/13/19, intensifying further on 6/16/19 and now for one last hit that peaks 9/21/19 but will be felt for several more weeks. It’s a good opportunity to move constructively forward with creative, artistic, spiritual and travel pursuits. Work of any kind in …Read More

Monday, September 16

Saturn is stationing in preparation for its direct movement on Wednesday, this week.  It’s a sobering time.  If the weekend was full of extreme highs as a result of the full moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune then this energy has a 180° effect by pulling you back into the real word to get grounded in reality.  For some it could be a very harsh and rough landing, while for others …Read More

Friday, September 13

Happy Friday the 13th. Some of you may feel the relevance of the mythic nature of this date not because of the date but because it coincides with a full moon in Pisces. This is one of those very ethereal and unusual full moons because the two signs straddled are Virgo-Pisces and the full moon part of the equation says to pay more attention to the Pisces side of your …Read More

Saturday, August 31

We’re in the Virgo New Moon Cycle. New Moons are about new beginnings. This is Labor Day weekend, so after one last holiday festivity the end of the “fun” summer time for most of us comes to an end and we take action to get down and dirty towards Virgo goals. Virgo rules the labor force and being of service in some way shape or form to make society function …Read More

Charts Activated After Death: A Case Study of Charles Manson and Sharon Tate and the Release of Quentin Tarantino’s Movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino has a new film going into worldwide release on July 26, 2019 called Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. It had its official first press screening at the Cannes Film Festival on May 21, 2019, 4:30 p.m., Cannes, France. The time source for the Cannes chart is from Variety.com.  Once Upon a Time in Hollywood tells the story of faded television actor Rick Dalton, played by DiCaprio, and …Read More

Wednesday, July 31

Wednesday, July 31.  Today the eclipse season officially ends ushered in by a Leo New Moon.  Eclipse matters bought to light (or still somewhat in the dark) will continue to play out over the next few months as the issues and challenges that need to be dealt with in more fated ways evolve.  Mercury turns direct late tonight and not too soon for most of us.  It’s not that the …Read More

Thursday, July 25

We’ve entered the Leo time of year. Even though Mercury is retrograde in Cancer which may continue having us think about the past the Sun has entered the sign of its dignity:LEO. Leo the Lion, Leo the King, Leo the Court Jester, Leo the Eternal Child, Leo the Royal Prince, Leo the Spoiled Brat, Leo the Clown, Leo the Proud Creator, Leo the Actor, Leo the Romantic, Leo the Athlete, …Read More

Wednesday, July 3.

We’re smack in the middle of eclipse season.  Yesterday was the Solar Eclipse at 10° Cancer 38’ and on July 16 will be the Lunar Eclipse at 24° Capricorn 04’.  Those are the exact dates and times but the effects of eclipses color the next 6 months until the next set of eclipses when the circumstances that come to light now are resolved or proceed to the next level of …Read More