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Friday, April 19

I haven’t said anything directly about the fire in Notre Dame Cathedral. It’s not that the planets caused the fire, but astrological symbolism describes something significant about the event. We currently have Saturn, Pluto and the south node of the Moon traveling within 3 degrees of each other in the sign of Capricorn, with the south node being especially close to Saturn. This is about the releasing and tearing down …Read More

Tuesday, April 16

Mercury is in the last degrees of Pisces and though we’ve been feeling the Aries energy strongly since early April the is the last vestige of a long process of purging and emotional processing of a situation that has been going on for a rather long time. Mercury is finally saying it’s over, you’ve done what can be done and now it’s time to start anew. So have one last …Read More

Monday, April 15

While yesterday may have been a high watermark day of pleasure and activity, today the realization may dawn that you spent too much money for that fun day. You must have a philosophical attitude about it all. If you indulged, had a good time and created some cherished memories then most likely the overspending was well worth it. The work week gets off to a good start courtesy of productive …Read More

Sunday, April 14

The energy in the sky is quite upbeat today so enjoy whatever activities are planned. Relationships can be deepened under the Venus/Pluto trine while the Moon’s harmonious aspects to Jupiter and the Sun set the background mood as one of high spirits, high energy and abundant spirit to enjoy one’s sense of personal identity aligned with a joyous feeling of being alive. The Sun indeed has an opportunity to shine …Read More

Thursday, April 4

It’s really going to start feeling like the birth of Spring today as the Moon enters Aries and will form a new moon exact at 10:15 pm (EDT) on Friday. This is the weekend everyone will start to feel the heavy Pisces energy we’ve experienced for so long lift, as we give birth to new life, new energy, and new vision and the promises and possibilities inherent in new beginnings. …Read More

Thursday, March 28

Mercury turns direct today but don’t expect miracles. It’s a very slow turn around and the days of the stations are very sensitive when you must be extra cautious. This has been an especially difficult retrograde with so much confusion, lethargy, deception, missteps, misunderstandings and while things are slowly turning around Mercury remains in Pisces through April 17 so it’s a very slow lifting of the mist and fog. Think …Read More

Tuesday, March 26

The morning is more challenging than the afternoon but keep in mind the entire week is entirely colored by Mercury preparing to station direction conjoined Neptune and I’ve written about that quite a lot recently. Listen, absorb, process, and review – especially those things in life that are coming to an end after a very long review and analysis. You may be drawing conclusions but they may not be exactly …Read More

Thursday, March 14

Here are some major events in this crazy month of March that occurred with Mercury retrograde in Pisces, in tandem with the recent Pisces New Moon conjoined Neptune and Uranus’ ingress into Taurus: The College admissions education scandal is unraveling before our eyes. Mercury rules education and in Pisces plays the part of Psychopomp going back in time, descending to the depths of the ocean to dredge up that which …Read More

Wednesday, March 13

The Gemini Moon doesn’t get any help from Neptune or retrograde Mercury for getting logical answers to practical matters. It will only add to the frenzy of the education/college fraud story. So much information will be coming down the pike but just wait because there’s more news and there’s lots of subterfuge. There is nothing logical about today’s energy so listen but don’t necessarily trust what you hear. And don’t …Read More

Wednesday, March 6

Because this week’s Mercury Retrograde occurs at the same time as Uranus’ ingress into Taurus everything happening this week in terms of miscommunication is compounded by big outbursts and sudden, unexpected issues from the past coming to light. If someone is lying to you or doing something behind your back, now is the time when you’ll find out about it. If you’ve been in the dark about something then you …Read More