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Sunday, December 9: Jupiter and Neptune

Since early November 2018 we’ve been bombarded with an abundant amount of Jupiter/Sagittarius and Neptune/Pisces energy. Jupiter currently squares Neptune, and the build-up of Pisces/Sagittarius energy we are experiencing now will be around quite a while. The square doesn’t go out of orb until November 2019. The two spiritually

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Chiron is finishing up his transit through the sign of Pisces before its Aries ingress on April 17th. Two days before this ingress, Mercury will have stationed direct at 4° Aries, placing it in a position to drag Chiron along with it from out of the underworld into a

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Olivia de Havilland Celebrates her 101st Birthday on July 1, 2017

Olivia de Havilland, the last truly great lead actress and star still surviving from Hollywood’s Golden Age of the 1930’s and 1940s, just celebrated her 101st birthday with two landmark events.  On June 17th she became the oldest living person to be honored with the title “Dame Commander” by

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Venus Retrograde: 2017

Venus begins her 2017 retrograde on March 3. Her shadow begins January 30 at 27° Pisces; she turns retrograde on March 3 at 13° Aries, turns direct on April 14 at 27° Pisces and leaves her second shadow on May 18. Even though the exact retrograde is March 3

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You Say You Want a Revolution? – The Sibley Chart and Progressed Mercury in the 2016 Presidential Election

This article was originally published in NCGR E-News back in March 2016.  That was before Hillary Clinton was the Democratic candidate and Donald Trump the Republican candidate, so Bernie Sanders is considered strongly in the discussion.  He still remains a prominent figure because he is one of the instrumental

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