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How a Chart Lives, Even After Death: Joan Crawford

Though we are no longer incarnate in physical form after death, our charts continue to live and breathe. Famous people are wonderful examples of how a chart can still be used to predict events, especially with the way a person ‘s legacy remains alive in the public consciousness. There is further insight into the unfolding of their personality, growth, and psychology through the events that occur after death as represented by transits and progressions. That person often comes back into the consciousness of the public for a reassessment of their talents and contributions, as well as learning more about who they were and why they influenced the world in such a profound way.

As most of my friends and colleagues know, I have an obsession with Joan Crawford!! I love studying her chart. She is a larger than life star, actress and film legend of the 20th century and never did anything in a small way. While alive, she led an extraordinarily active and complex life, so it’ s no wonder that in death she remains a

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June Is Bustin’ Out All Over: 2016

Mars is retrograde in Scorpio all month. Positive Mars energy is about action, assertion, courage, ambition, energy, athleticism and boldness. Negative Mars energy is about war, anger, violence and aggression. Mars, along with Saturn, is a work planet. When retrograde, it’s time to review our Martian qualities for better or worse. Things from

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Mars and Pluto Retrograde: April 2016

Mars and Pluto are retrograding within a day of each other on April 17 and 18.  Mars is the more notable retrograde since he only does so once every two years, and is felt on a more personal level than Pluto.  Pluto retrogrades every year for about 5 months,

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You Say You Want a Revolution: Progressed Mercury in the U.S.A Sibley Chart

There’s a revolution occurring in the United States as part of the 2016 Presidential Election, which can be best depicted through the lens of a major progression taking place in the Sibley U.S.A. Chart. Progressed Mercury is currently stationing direct at 20 Aquarius 05.   Simultaneously, there are other major

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Current Transits of Chiron, Saturn and Jupiter: February 22, 2016

Our Centaurian friend Chiron is a very important planetoid, and he has been more relevant and active since September for the fact that he’s traveling in mutable Pisces in the vicinity of the 2015 and 2016 eclipses.

He’s called the wounded healer, which is a buzz phrase we astrologers

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