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Classes: Winter 2019

I’m offering two classes Fall semester 2018: an Intermediate class on Transits to the Natal Chart beginning Tuesday, October 2 and an Introductory Astrology Class beginning Wednesday, October 3.  I require payment in full at least one week before the first class. Make checks payable to Joseph Addeo and mail to 80 North Moore Street, #19-J, NY, NY 10013. This is also the address of where the class is held. Payment can also be made via PayPal at joeaddeo@yahoo.com or Venmo at Joseph-Addeo.  If paying via PayPal there is a $10 processing fee. There is no refund for classes missed. Each class is recorded and I can send an MP3 via One Drive drop box. It’s a privilege to teach and I hope to see many new and familiar faces.  Please feel free to call (212) 346-0977 or e-mail at joeaddeo@yahoo.com if you have questions.

TRANSITS – Intermediate.   A class on transits to the natal chart and how to use them in predictive work.  A knowledge of astrological basics is necessary including planets, signs, houses and natal aspects.  Transits activate natal aspects and helps focus where to concentrate one’s energy in reading and interpreting a chart.  Practical examples from sample charts of famous and not-so-famous people will be used.  Call or E-mail to enroll.

Tuesdays, 7:00-9:00,  7 classes, $260.  Begins: October 2     Ends: November 13    


SECONDARY PROGRESSIONS – Intermediate to Advanced.  For those who have studied the basics. Progressions provide depth to the chart and give insight in counseling to what a client is ready to receive and go after in life. An extremely useful predictive technique that brings subtlety and individuality to reading a chart. Solar arcs will also be covered. Call or E-mail to enroll.

Wednesdays,  7:00-9:00,  6 classes, $230.  Begins:  January 31, 2018     Ends:  March 7, 2018 


ASTROLOGICAL BASICS – Level I Introductory – A beginner’s class, where the ABC’s of Western Astrology are explored and learned. Topics covered include planets, signs, houses, elements and modes. By the end of the course each student should have a basic knowledge on how to start reading a chart. A practical approach is emphasized for use as a springboard to future study and developing one’s own unique style of interpretation. Call or E-mail to enroll.

Wednesdays, 7:00-9:00, 9 classes, $320.  Begins: October 3  Ends: November 28