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“Astrology is assured recognition from psychology, without further restriction, because Astrology represents the summation of all psychological knowledge of antiquity.”

Carl Jung loved astrology. Your astrological chart is a map of your moment of birth. What better place to get a personalized signature of your life. Something that explains who you are and why you behave the way you do. The interpretation of the birth chart helps clarify who you are and why you act certain ways allowing for a more compassionate acceptance of yourself and others. Astrology is also an invaluable guide when you need a little direction. It is a great tool to highlight trends helping to focus where the energy currently is strongest or weakest, suggesting the most appropriate times to take action or not. We are connected to all the energies around us and using the symbolic metaphors of this ancient practice helps to remind us of that connection. My 90 minute consultations are my most requested and popular.  During the consultation I cover the upcoming 8 month cycle of what is occurring in life and how to best focus your energy. I will address issues and discuss timing of events concerning job, relationships, family, home or any other questions or concerns you may have.  It’s important to understand that life unfolds at a different pace and rate for each individual and it may be a season for relationships but not for job.  I can help put things in perspective.

Consultations are done in person at my studio in Tribeca, NYC.  For long distance or overseas clients I offer phone or Skype readings.  An MP3 recording of the consultation is E-mailed privately to you via drop box shortly after the consultation for your personal reference and use.

It is important I have your birth information in advance including date, place, time and year. The time is extremely important in order to do an accurate reading. If you don’t have the time you can order on line a long form of your birth certificate at the Department of Vital Health & Statistics in the State where you were born.

My fee is $200 for the 90 minute reading and for first time clients.  I require payment in advance to reserve the appointment.

Payment Methods: There are four options for remitting payment:

1.  By check made payable to Joseph Addeo and mailed to 80 North Moore Street, #19-J, New York, NY  10013

2.  Via PayPal at the link below or at joeaddeo@yahoo.com

3.  Via Venmo at Joseph-Addeo

4.  By Credit card.  I need the following information.  Card Number, Expiration Date, CVV Code and zip code of the billing address on the credit card.

  • 90 Minute Consultation

  • 45 Minute Consultation

  • Couples Consultation

  • 60 Minute Astrology Lesson

The 90 minute consultation centers on the natal chart, which is a key to understanding who we are. We are born having a purpose with important lessons to learn. Daily life is full of happiness as well as challenges and struggles. Each individual is endowed with certain gifts with which to face life and if we can view life as an adventure with many roads then one can approach any situation with a sense of optimism as well as practical reality. Our natal chart describes our personality and in the 90 minute consultation we will discuss how your personality is being challenged, strengthened and solidified by current transits. I usually cover an 8 month time period. I will discuss whatever the client needs in order to come to a better understanding of current life cycles and time periods when things are heating up as well as cooling down.


Though the consultation will focus on the here and how to cope and solve problems, we’ll talk about the timing of how long things might last so you have a better awareness of past, present and future time frames. Often how things unraveled in the past gives insight to what will happen in the future and how to deal with the challenge. I will focus on your concerns regarding relationships, career, family, creativity and spirituality and of course any specific questions you may have. The time is yours to explore what you need. 


Price: $185.00



The 45 minute consulation is a condensed version of what I would discuss in the 90 minute consultation without covering as much ground but getting to the main points. I would always suggest the fuller 90 minute reading but I’m happy to offer this shorter, yet informative consultation to clients who are on a budget. 


Price: $135.00 




Couples Synastry Reading. A rough translation of Synastry is “to bring the stars together”. Often couples find astrology a wonderfully helpful tool when they hit a roadblock in the relationship. Comparing and examining each chart provides amazing insight in the wants and needs of each partner and how they go about satisfying them. When comparing charts we can see what it is that attracts you to one another and what it is that frustrates you. I can help guide the relationship towards a better understanding and interaction between the couple based on individual personality and the personal interaction suggested by interplanetary contacts. It’s important to discover the deeper meaning and purpose of a relationship. All types of relationships can be explored, not just marriage or romance, but business partnerships, parent & child and friendships.


During the 2 hour consultation each individual’s chart will be discussed as well bringing the charts together for comparison. I require that both parties be present for this consultation. 


Price: $360.00


During the 60 minute Astrology Lesson, I love to teach and help guide people in their Astrological education whether it be as a hobby, a possible vocation or just out of sheer curiosity. I generally find that students with some prior knowledge benefit most from individual instruction as they have many questions to ask and the give and take between teacher and student is dynamic and informative. I learn just as much from students as I hope they learn from me. For very beginning students I would suggest checking out my full class schedule for the next time I begin my introductory course. For serious study that course gives an extremely solid foundation of all astrological basics including planets, signs and houses.   


Price: $50.00