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Monthly Insights

August/September 2016 General Overview

August and September are being delivered together, as I will be taking some vacation time to regenerate and start afresh in the fall.  The middle part of August will be extremely busy as Saturn takes focus on its direct station on the 13th causing matters to slow down.  At the same time Mercury enters its shadow.  Chiron, Jupiter and Saturn will foreshadow what the September eclipses will be all about so pay attention to matters in the dog days of August.  They will need to be worked through on many levels come September.

There’s a Solar Eclipse at 9° Virgo on September 1st followed two weeks later by a Lunar Eclipse at 24° Pisces.  These eclipses are about work vs. escape, health matters, mind vs. heart, spirituality vs. daily living, reality vs. illusion and the common man vs. Gods and Goddesses which essentially means dealing with the average Joe vs. people in power.  The above combinations need to be combined and balanced in some way.

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