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Daily Insights

Thursday, September 14

The Sun has been squaring Saturn yesterday and today and that colors things in a sobering way.  You may feel like knocking your head against the wall so take things slow and steady.  You can accomplish a great deal but for issues that seem blocked don ‘t push too hard.  This is a better aspect for seeing something through that has already been in the works for a long, long time and is just about ready to be finished. 

Saturn restricts and limits the Sun’ s high spirits

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Tuesday, September 12.

The Gemini Moon squares Neptune so there is an active need to assess the truth and separate fact from fiction.  It ‘s important to have a firm grasp on reality.  Listen to carefully to what is being communicated and be very discerning.  Those who speak in hyperbole are to be questioned and held accountable. 

Be someone who helps others with bright ideas and words rather than being a carpetbagger who takes advantage of the weak or debilitated.


It’ s important to start to build and re-build relationships while Venus is trine Saturn. This presents a wonderful opportunity for using talents and resources for constructive purposes. Lay

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Monday, September 11

The Moon is void until 3:29 pm (EDT).  For those in the path of the Hurricane the void would mean that there is really little to do but wait it out before assessing the amount of damage. 

It’s a day to take decisive action and communicate with authority. Be

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Sunday, September 10.

The Moon is in Taurus and before she goes void at 8:45 pm (EDT) she squares Venus.  That means there is a strongly likelihood to spend more money than you might wish.  In terms of hurricane destruction this is an obvious interpretation but even if not affected by a

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Saturday, September 9

By now we can see that most of the eclipse triggers that I and other astrologers have been talking about have a great deal to do with Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. here in the USA.  There are other things as well, too numerous to address in a Facebook blog,

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Saturday, September 2

If a major event didn ‘t occur on the Solar Eclipse of August 21 then there’ s a strong possibility that the seeds of energy planted on that celestial event can manifest this weekend.  Mercury triggers the eclipse degree through September 7 and Mars will trigger it on the 3rd as well as a couple of days before and after. 

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Wednesday, August 30

The Saturn station has been dampening the mood a bit.  It ‘s a slow moving energy which is why Hurricane Harvey stalled and came to a standstill.  Each of us is having something slow down and come to a standstill whether it be a certain type of mood, an event being drawn out much longer than thought, or a task just taking forever to complete.  Or there could have been a major event signaling the end of something.  Saturn is slowly moving forward and will take about a month to start moving at it’ s normal pace.  The lens of life has had a very sharp focus as of late.

Mercury is at the last degree of Virgo today before backing into Leo tomorrow. There’s an extra surge to multi-task, analyze and

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