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Friday, April 27 – Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby was convicted on three counts of aggravated indecent assault yesterday.  He was convicted on the Mars/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn opposite his Cancer Sun. 


It ‘s always important to look at the past.  It all started on October 16, 2014 when the Mars/Pluto conjunction was on his MidHeaven and his reputation was challenged in a public performance by comedian Hannibal Buress who accused Cosby of being a rapist.  The entire can of worms regarding his past was opened up and led to the downfall of his status and reputation culminating on April 26, 2018.


Much has happened between those two dates and the astrology is fascinating but the entire story is bookended by the conjunctions of Mars and Pluto which started at his MC and winds up opposing his 4th house Sun which exposes his identity as tied to the past.  This last conjunction is also conjunct his natal Jupiter which is about a legal decision.  This decision is handed down as we approach a Scorpio full moon which is always about bringing to light dark, secret and hidden matters.  Transiting Jupiter is in Scorpio conjunct his natal Mars and seeks truth and justice for sexual misdeeds. 


There’ s so much that can be written about in an analysis of his chart.  But most importantly when you examine his

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Thursday, April 26

There ‘ a large amount of Scorpio/Pluto/Mars energy in the sky right now.  Mars conjuncts Pluto today and there’ s a full moon in Scorpio culminating this Sunday so many of you will hear news about literal deaths in your life but many more of you may experience psychological death and rebirth this weekend.  Death and birth go hand in hand.  The Scorpio full moon is

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Tuesday, April 24

After traveling through luxurious, devoted and pleasure seeking Taurus Venus enters fickle, curious, airy and talkative Gemini.  Share your fun time with more than one person.  Single folk should date several people at once and play the field.  Keep going back and forth between two loves whether they

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Sunday April 22

Today Pluto stations retrograde at 21 degrees of Capricorn moving backwards zodiacally to 18 degrees Capricorn when he turns direct on October 1.  He will retrace patterns that need to be reviewed since the spring of 2017.  Pluto deals with power, money, death, trust, collaboration and transformation as

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Friday, April 20

The Sun has entered Taurus.  The Sun is about showing its best qualities.  In Taurus those qualities are loyalty, pleasure, your innate substance and talent, sensuality, basking in the body and the 5 senses, experiencing Mother Nature in all her glory, getting in touch with the material world

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Tuesday, April 17

Chiron enters Aries today after traveling through Pisces since 2010. There will be a brief retreat back into Pisces from September 26, 2018 to February 18, 2019 from which point he will remain in Aries through 2027. Think of the few months of retreat as checking up on the

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Saturday, April 14

The Moon is in Aries approaching a New Moon on Sunday which will immediately start to be felt as the work week begins on Monday.  In conjunction with this lunation Mercury will turn direct in Aries, so that pull back feeling we ‘ve been experiencing since the first calendar day of spring on March 20 should abate.  The real birth of spring will be felt now.  There has been plenty of time to fix, realign, reorganize, reflect and reconnect.  This week is more of a time for action albeit cautious, slow and steady action since Mars is in Capricorn and Saturn and Pluto are about to retrograde this week.  This is about strategic action. 


There’ s a serious tone today with

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