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New Feature: Monthly Insights for all 12 signs!

Daily Insights

Tuesday, June 6

Venus enters Taurus today where she ‘ll remain through July 4th, Mercury enters Gemini where he’ ll remain through June 21st and Mars entered Cancer on Monday where he ‘ll remain through July 20th. 

Venus and Mercury have dignity in these signs so that means there’ s an easier flow of energy in getting in touch with the values and pleasures naturally inherent in Venus and the communication and logic within Mercury.  Mars is the planet

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Saturday, June 3.

Spontaneity is the name of the game while Venus aligns with Uranus.  Relationships form from out of the blue and unexpectedly.   Just as quickly as people enter in powerful ways is how quickly they will exit.  Enjoy the whirlwind experience for what it ‘s worth. 

Jupiter supplies a great deal of expansion, enthusiasm and socializing today.  Since its the weekend this upbeat energy will stretch out for the next couple of days.  It’ s a time for overdoing things both

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Thursday, June 1

Professional relationships and partnerships get on solid ground with a flowing aspect between Venus and Saturn.  Saturn provides the structure and discipline for getting down to business with others.  Creative thinking is also in the air. One person is more practical while the other is more imaginative and the combination

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Wednesday, May 31

A relatively short void this morning from 7:14 am until 12:16 pm (EDT).  Plan your goals and when the Moon enters industrious Virgo get the job done.  The energy is colored by a Mercury/Pluto trine which is ideal for accomplishing a great deal of work and fully completing tasks down

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Friday, May 26

I ‘m taking a two week vacation to decompress.  A good friend died suddenly and unexpectedly.   I just need to chill.  I will post intermittently but want a bit of an escape.

We just had the Gemini New Moon which is a good one for asking questions and seeking answers.  New Moons are about starting new projects and making new beginnings and in Gemini there should be lots of information coming down the pike within the next two weeks so that on the Sagittarius Full Moon you can make a fully formed thesis based on all that accrued knowledge.  You’ ll know what path to take in two weeks or at least have a clear idea of the goal. 


This is a traveling series of lunations.  If you ‘re not taking a physical trip then take a mental one.  Short trips, long trips, meditation trips, trips in your dreams.  Stimulate the mind and the spirit.  It may be about the road less traveled or the road most traveled.  Chiron is in on the game especially as the full moon approaches in two weeks so it’ s about healing a path and a road through higher learning, compassion and a belief that the answers are

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Wednesday, May 24

The Moon is in Taurus until 3:08 pm (EDT) at which time it turns void for the rest of the night.  Productivity is the name of the game before the void and there ‘s a huge push to get to the bottom of things and bring certain projects to closure.  This is a day of manifestation and for many and good day to make money.  Pluto implies a processing, negotiation and something being brought to conclusion.  It can be an emotional processing as well as a tangible physical and earthy concretization.

Whatever you do, whether good or bad, it can be taken all the way.  It’ s a green light type of energy and that free will can take you to extremes

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Sunday, May 21.

The Sun has entered Gemini the last sign of spring and the mutable signs are always about transitioning and adapting.  We ‘re getting ready for summer.  It’ s a time to learn and adapt.  The Aries Moon is in harmony with the Sun.  Very masculine energy is in order.  Gemini supplies the intellect and ideas

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