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New Feature: Monthly Insights for all 12 signs!

Daily Insights

Tuesday, May 9

The Moon is in Scorpio building towards a full moon on Wednesday.  This lunation is one of the most emotional of the year because when the Moon comes to culmination in this sign often things that have been hidden, in the dark, covered up and left unattended in the

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Sunday, May 7

Balance is the name of the game with the Libra Moon.  Engage in lively conversation and discourse courtesy of aggressive Mars in Gemini in harmonious aspect to Luna.  If you think people will be willing to give up the spotlight too easily think twice as Jupiter gets in on

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Friday, May 5

Mercury is direct in Aries and hangs out with Uranus through May 16.  This is incredibly speedy mental energy – like mental fireworks going off in the brain.  Mercury has been flirting with this iconoclast in three very tight conjunctions on March 26, April 27 and May 9.  Uranus

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Tuesday, May 2

Vesta enters Leo today.  She ‘s an asteroid having to do with home, hearth and keeping the flame of something going with focused concentration.  She also has a great deal to do with issues of sisterhood and brotherhood.  She has a strong sense of the sign of Virgo in terms of being self-sufficient and devoted to a task almost as if wearing blinders.

Think about all those above topics and having them more on show in the sign of Leo to be valued and appreciated by others.  Take your talent and with a flame of passion let it shine so that others can witness it on full display.  If you’ re the one responsible for keeping a group going strong then be sure to let others know that.  It ‘s not a day to remain humble. 


Mercury is basically standing still and changing to a forward direction beginning tomorrow and Thursday.  These are always sensitive days in regards to communication, getting information mechanical difficulties and solving problems.  If you’ ve been waiting on pins and needles to get the news about something important then more than likely it should be coming down the pike. 

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Monday, May 1.

First day of May and it ‘s the most fruitful time of the spring months when everything is in bloom.  May starts off with Mercury slowing down getting ready to turn direct and while doing so he aspects Uranus by a very volatile conjunction having to do with speed and sudden situations either knocking you off your center or being resolved very quickly.  If a cold or allergy starts now it will come on like gangbusters or if a relationship ends now the separation or divorce will be quick and swift or at least the sudden realization that its over if not the battle that ensues thereafter.

Though Taurus is the slowest sign of the zodiac this last part of the recent Mercury retrograde is in the speediest sign of the zodiac, Aries ,and it’ s effects caused by Uranus will be felt through May 17.  That combination suggests that when there are sudden eruptions, chaos, discombobulation, break-ups, accidents or unexpected events they will be felt at a very deep level and there needs to be a total

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Thursday, April 27.

For some of you the New Moon may have gotten off to a slow start.  That should change tomorrow when Venus enters Aries and things really begin to speed up.  It ‘s still important to solidify those new beginnings and just because things are getting off to a slow start doesn’ t mean they are not moving.  Think of this new moon as a long distance run rather than a

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Wednesday, April 26.

Today is the Taurus Moon at 6.27 degrees of Taurus.  If you have planets around that degree of the earth signs you ‘ll experience a harmony surrounding the material pleasures of the world such as money, achievement, work, status, pleasure, nature and productivity.  If you have planets at that degree of the fixed signs you’ ll experience challenges towards asserting your will through creative endeavors, collaboration with others in business or in the intimacies of a relationship and dealing with friends, groups

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