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New Feature: Monthly Insights for all 12 signs!

Daily Insights

Thursday, November 22

This year the holiday falls on a very challenging Mercury retrograde.  Little old Mercury isn ‘t in his most comfortable sign, so he may grandstand and put his foot in his mouth one or two times.  There will be plenty stretching of the truth or a rewriting of history in some way.  But the bigger problem, more than Mercury acting out of sorts of his own free will, is that he’ s also being assaulted by bully Mars, deceptive Neptune and inflammatory Jupiter.  So all forms of communication are going to be clouded and kind of infuriating.  Opinions will be polarizing, self-righteous and divisional.  

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Tuesday, November 20

The Moon is in high-spirited, pioneering Aries for the workday so there ‘s a quick and speedy mood to get last minute work assignments completed before taking off for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Give clear, concise and direct orders to co-workers, partners, clients and colleagues so that everyone is clear about their role in getting things done and doing their part. 


Mars squared Jupiter yesterday and this aspect will still be felt today, so it will continue to produce high amounts of energy and willingness to push hard to get things done.  Everyone might be a little too pushy today but if you can just keep an open mind everything should be fine. 


I would leave extra time for travel this entire holiday season since Mercury is retrograde in the sign of its detriment while squaring a stationing Neptune.  This does not bode well in any way, shape or form for transportation running smoothly.  There will be mix-ups, delays, misinformation, and general craziness so be very careful and be more aware than usual. You can’ t control what others do with this very sloppy Mercury retrograde but you can be aware of yourself. 


There ‘s a short void this evening from 5:46 pm to 6:43 pm (EST). Afterwards the Moon enters Taurus, a more tranquil pleasure loving sign but tonight’ s pleasure will most likely be anything but tranquil since Luna conjuncts Uranus at 5:46 pm

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Friday, November 16.

Today Venus stations direct at 25.14 of Libra.  The retrograde isn ‘t quite over as there is the second shadow period that occurs from now through December 18 but starting today there should be a noticeable improvement in matters of love, partnership and finances.  Major issues should start to be resolved.  I’ ve been hearing from clients about relationship and finances starting to come to resolution or turning around in some way. 


The whole cycle of Venus retrograde works like this.  There is the first shadow period from

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Thursday, November 15

Logical, practical and detail-oriented Mercury gets very sloppy and lax with organizational details when stationing retrograde in the sign of its detriment; Sagittarius!  A perfect example is the current epic transportation failure here in the NorthEast, and specifically to NYC, which has now come to a standstill due to

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Wednesday, November 14

The Moon is in Aquarius while Mars is in the last degree of that sign so people may be more emotionally punchy today and lash out in unexpected bursts of temper and energy.  It ‘s a high wired type of energy.  Positively you can have brilliant ideas that pop into your head like bolts of lightening which you can put into immediate action.  Be aware of moving too fast and being accident prone.  Because Venus is about to move forward and her partner Mars is in the last degree of a sign that represents break outs, break through and break ups, any one of those types of “breaks” can occur.  A sudden event can be shocking because it seemingly comes out of the blue without any warning.  


There is a great deal of intellectual stimulation that you can use wisely to forge progressive and innovative projects.  It’ s a particularly good night to socialize and participate in conversation and learning as

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Tuesday, November 13

There ‘s a very short void moon this morning from 10:13 am till 10:45 am (EST) so take a short break from work for that half hour.  After that the Moon enters Aquarius and the mood shifts towards thinking of the future and directing energy towards making improvements, innovations and taking advantage of new opportunities.  The entire day is colored by Luna’ s positive aspect to Jupiter so confidence is running high to solve problems with an optimistic attitude.  Take a risk today as it can pay off.  Communication is upbeat and positive and since Venus is about to turn direct on Friday there is a light at the

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Thursday, November 1

Mercury is in his shadow in a sign that brings out the worst in what the messenger has to offer in regards to stretching the truth, lying, proselytizing, being a religious zealot, not backing up opinions with facts, giving away waaaay too much information in situations that merely

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