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New Feature: Monthly Insights for all 12 signs!

Daily Insights

Thursday, January 10

Watch hurt feelings surrounding not be invited to the party, to the table to negotiate or to participate in an important group setting with which you should be an active participant. You ‘ll be angry and must figure out a way to make your power felt without being jealous, vindictive or retaliating in a harsh manner.

There is also some serendipitous good luck in certain areas of your life but don’ t push the luck too far. If you have a good memory there ‘s something from back in June of 2017 that is morphing or re-entering your life once again, sort of like a ship lost at sea that is finally seeing a clear path home. There’ s a lot

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Saturday, January 5

Today is the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. Solar Eclipses often usher in fated events that may occur within close proximity of the eclipse date or plants the seeds for fated events to be triggered on certain dates within the next six months before the next pair of eclipses

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Thursday, January 3

We are in eclipse season so everything is blown out of proportion for better and worse so take a couple of deep breaths because this month will be quite a roller coaster with feelings, emotions and actions flipping upside down. One day will feel euphoric and the next

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Sunday, December 30

Sunday, December 30.  The
end of 2018 has an intense feeling of purging, releasing and letting go.  The Mars/Chiron conjunction at the last
degree of Pisces is taking the action to release the wounds of the past, the
dreams of the past and coming to an awareness of

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Friday, December 28

There ‘s a void from 11:27 am to 3:23 pm (EST) so plan your day accordingly. Afterwards the Moon enters Libra and the planet Venus has the power through the rest of the day as she harmoniously aspects Pluto. Since the entire Venus retrograde period is now officially over many of you may have a final epiphany today as to what the whole process has been about. There is a great opportunity to clear out the old and get on with the new. It’ s a great night for socializing and having deeper, more meaningful engagements and conversations with loved ones. The relationship slate has been wiped clean and things have either moved on to a more powerful level or have been purged and transformed.

Spend the night with those you

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Monday, December 24.

It ‘s Christmas Eve. Wishing all who celebrate a joyous holiday. This Christmas heralds entry into the January eclipses. The eclipse season started on Friday’ s Full Moon. We are entering the period of time when the issues needed to be addressed during the eclipses are getting underway. Pay careful attention to this year ‘s holiday festivities because you’ ll see, hear, feel and observe things starting to heat up. The two weeks leading up to the

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Wednesday, December 5

The next few days are quite busy what with the direct Mercury station tomorrow, the Sagittarius new moon on Friday, and Chiron station direct over the weekend.  There ‘s a lot of forward momentum about to happen so that you can start to get yourself out of a quagmire. 


But before we get to this more energetic forward movement we have to deal with today’ s Sun/Neptune square.  This is a confusing, low energy type of aspect that can really cause you to have things

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