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Void of Course Moon

Void MoonWatch Video: Void of Course MoonKnowing when the Moon is void-of-course can help you plan your days better. Since the Moon rules the mood of the day and how things flow knowing when it is void can help you be more in sync with the available energy. During a void-of-course Moon things have a tendency not to flow so easily and often need to be redone. Literally the Moon isn’t connecting to other energies so nothing comes of projects that are initiated.   There is a distinctive quality to the void Moon: judgment is impaired, it’s difficult to make sound decisions, items bought in the store somehow don’t function properly, business meetings and important decisions don’t go the way expected. It’s not important for you to know how the void-of-course Moon is calculated; just know it occurs every couple of days sometimes for a few minutes, a few hours and on occasion for an entire day. When the Moon is void for an entire day it’s a good time to meditate, take a yoga class, go to the movies, do quiet things; be reflective. It is not a time for important decision making, spending lots of money or signing contracts. If the moon is only void for a couple of hours you can schedule around it. That’s the time to work on projects already initiated; edit and correct but don’t start anything new. For instance if you go food shopping on a void-of-course Moon the worst that can happen is you get home and you realize you left something at the store or the milk is sour or the delivery person forgot to pack an item. No big deal but imagine if you buy a car for 25 grand and something goes wrong. You get it. Use your judgment as to whether the activity of the day is important or routine, active or passive, mental or reflective.  The possibilities are endless but the point is you are less likely to be grounded and focused during these times but that’s not always a bad thing especially for those activities that are conducive to a void moon. For instance it’s a great time to call your mother because nothing will come of the conversation and you can definitely avoid an unpleasant confrontation!

Check out where the moon is on a daily basis and be in touch with the pulse of the day.










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